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Trading Stocks

Trading stocks can be defined as the art of short to mid term stock market transactions, in order to profit from predictable market patterns and favorable statiscal odds.

Trading Basics

You have read the magazines, you have followed the big online traders, and you have just opened your first online brokerage account.

Due Dilligence

I have tried to assemble, as best I can, a list of those things I check.


Why Short Term Trading?

Well, it’s a simple answer: short-term trading is a lot more lucrative. The returns are higher, and the risk is lower – once you learn how to trade properly.

A Gradual Position

It is very easy to lose perspective in today’s fast markets and allow yourself to get stuck into a single set of trading tactics that may no longer be effective.


Day Trading vs. Long Term Investing

If you have been following financial programs, newspapers or magazines recently, you have no doubt found that day/position trading is becoming the new "hot" topic of late.

Day Trading Lessons

Day trading is not easy. Many, many, new traders are flocking to the internet pursuing the dream of quitting their day jobs to spend their days in front of a computer, chatting with friends, and trading stocks.


The Equity Curve Technique

I would like to describe a cornerstone trading management system: "The Equity Curve technique" – which for convenience, I’ll also refer to as ‘EQT’ in this article.

Know when to Invest

Being a short-term stock trader is tough enough; being a successful, short-term stock trader, is another thing altogether.


The Prudent Position Trader

If you are a position trader, try not to be in such a rush; especially in uncertain markets. A hasty click of the mouse can be a costly mistake.

Goal-Based Trading - The Rule of 72

How often would you like to double your trading or investment account?


A Major Trading Campaign

You're interested in doubling your portfolio in a very short time. The good news is that there are lots of opportunities in the stock market to do so.

Trading Discipline

Let's briefly discuss goal-based trading and discipline.