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Investing in Stocks

Investing in stocks usually requires a better understanding of the company itself and its longer term financial future. This method is suited for investors seeking good returns without watching the market everyday.

Examples of Bad Trades

I have taken the time recently to look over my investments from the past few years and examine those ugly trades I wish I had never done.

Buying on Dips and the Importance of Research

Most investors realize the importance of research in identifying solid long-term buys.


Bad Investments

Imagine a fictitious company called PINKO.

How to Find Experts

When it comes to picking stocks, which is more important, what you know or who you know?


How to Find Good Stocks

Peter Lynch always says you should buy what you know. If you like Nike sneakers, get some NKE stock.

How to Invest in the Averages

How do you find a Diamond in a Spider Web? Just play the averages.


Short Selling

Of all the investment strategies I have seen discussed, distorted and flat out lied about on the Internet, one takes the cake: Short selling.

Stock Movements

Which direction is best? Do you hold on to your money and wait to “buy the dips,” or should you jump on the bandwagon and buy anything that’s going up?


Tax Loss Selling

What is tax-loss selling? Put simply, you pay your taxes on April 15, but your capital gains or losses from stock trading are calculated through the previous December 31.

How to Watch your Stocks

Staying ahead of the game means you have to keep an eye on the stocks you own, at least once a week and preferably every day.


How to Invest in Biotech Stocks

Biotechnology, in essence, is a field which utilizes core principles of genetics and the human genome in an effort to produce useful pharmaceutical, diagnostic and screening products.

Stock Dilution

What is dilution? Dilution occurs when a company issues out more shares to the public, at less than the market value of the company.